Saturday, June 5, 2010

It takes a deadline

I just got done with a pair of t39's.  Including the new self powered amp.  I finished impedance testing and setting the dsp about an hour before the show I wanted to use them for.  They'd been under construction off and on for a couple of months, I dithered around on them. Only when the time was getting close I knew I needed them did I bear down, every evening after work, every day off, just about every spare minute to get them done.  There was quite a bit of custom work to do on them, so they took a while.  Plus I experimented with a few new techniques on these for proof of concept. 

Why does it always take a deadline?  I just don't get it done unless I have one, either manufactured or real. 

Oh yeah, 4 DR250's, 4 t39's, completely self powered system.  2 DDC520's running the whole show.  Sweet.  Pics before long on Bill's forum and my site. 

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