Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where I'm coming from

This blog is what the title says. A journeyman's discussion of pro audio, and the obsessive hobby/business it can become.

Being for journeymen doesn't mean if you're a pro you can't weigh in. Just keep in mind who this is geared to. I know I don't have 20k for a desk, or 5k per cab for speakers. I do this for fun, if there's any money in it great. If not, hey I got to get loud, play with cool stuff, and make my son's band very happy, along with whatever other bands are playing at the time.

Who I am. I've been messing around with audio since high school. I sold and installed pro and home systems for 3 years during and after college. Started out as an EE major in college, which gave me a fairly sold background in the basics. My hobby took a back seat for a very long time with marriage, kids, and life. I owned a hardware store/bicycle shop (odd combination but it worked) for 15 years, currently own an equipment rental business. I kept my hand in enough to satisfy my audio jones dabbling with my own home audio. About 5 yrs ago my son started a band, and I decided to build them a PA. So I started a little internet research to catch up on the pro side. I came across Bill Fitzmaurice's unusual horn designs, and they really appealed to me. Not only for the price/performance claimed, but because they were outside the speaker in a box paradigm.

The audio monkey on my back kicked back into life at the first play of those cabs. I built cabs for me, more for my son's band, and finally became a builder for Bill's cabs to sell. From building those cabs my site www.SpeakerHardware.com evolved. My hobby has become my business, and is more fun than I could have ever hoped for. I still run sound for my son's band, and play with gear every chance I get.

More later

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