Friday, January 15, 2010

We are not alone

Touching on the prior theme of being obsessed with this stuff, we are not alone. After attending NAMM yesterday, there are lots of us. An army of us. Not just the big companies, but small one man shows, little bitty companies, all pushing the envelope with new ideas, new products, and a passion for the business. And more than that, a passion to make it sound better, work better, be more fun, and be more about the music.

Beware, though. The snake oil salesman are out there. I walked into one booth to look at cables, as soon as I heard the salesman say you have to listen to my cables for about an hour and you'll hear the difference, I beat a hasty exit. I didn't see any clocks with orange dots or jars of audio marbles, but that kind of bullshit exists here, too. Monster has a booth with "Pro Audio power cables". Like the feed we get from the places we play is some kind of pristine 120v 60hz sine wave.

That's all from the kid in the greatest candy store ever for this obsession, for today.

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