Sunday, January 31, 2010

Was there a reason?

Some days you go to the shop and it all runs like a fine clock.  Every cut fits, every decision works.  Your clamps hold the work in the right place until you finish nailing.  You make that perfect mitered joint, no filler needed.  The squeezeout of the glue is just right.  More work gets done in a couple of hours than you imagined when you started the day.

Then there are the others.  Nothing, and I mean nothing works.  Every board has to be recut, nails miss their board, clamps slip.  You can't find anything.  Run out of glue.  No screws.  The nailer jams. Shit just happens and happens and happens. 

Today was one of those latter type days.  I used to force myself through and try to accomplish something.  I've learned just to walk away.  If in a couple of hours nothing useful has been accomplished other than raising my blood pressure, I quit and go home.  It's not worth it.  I usually have to tear apart whatever I did during those times anyway. 

I'd rather make a customer wait, or my own projects wait, than half ass it fixing mistakes. 


  1. I can relate. I think it has to do(in my case anyway)with being in the shop, but not really BEING there. - You know what I mean? Some days your focus lies elsewhere - maybe not so good working around power tools. Ever cut something and realize you weren't fully paying attention? Shit does happen though - seemingly in spite of our best efforts. Walking away works for me too. Come back later with a fresh perspective.

  2. Thank you that it's not just me. All those "here are some pics" threads on the boards make me feel like a dork with some form of inherited Geometric Wobblyitis.